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Blocks and Cut Products

Block products can fulfill a large number of purposes, including insulation in construction, void fillers and a component of packaging solutions. Cumulus has a varieties of options to suit any application:


Cut Sheets

Endless options to suit your needs.

Sheets can be cut to size from our 1200mm x 2500mm blocks. The below outline our most popular options, but please speak to a member of our team and we will see how we can accommodate your needs:

Rib and Block

Used in construction for enhanced insulation and beneficial installation times, Rib and Block systems combine precast concrete ribs separated by profiled polystyrene blocks.

Rib and block systems generally have a density between 14kg/m3 and 20kg/m3 and have a maximum length of 1200mm.

Please contact our team for enquiries and pricing.


Void Formers

High-density polystyrene has high compressive strength, providing a cost-effective void filler to displace concrete and reduce concrete requirements, raise levels for concrete slabs, or insulate flooring.

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