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Insulation Solutions

Cumulus Insulation is a supplier of insulation solutions and polystyrene products to the commercial and industrial markets, servicing the construction, automotive, fresh produce, retail, refrigeration, and logistics sectors.

Our Solutions

Blocks and Cut Products

Cumulus offers a variety of customised solutions. Produced with fire-retardant polystyrene beads in our 5m x 1.22m x 1m block mould, Cumulus offers blocks and flat cut sheets, as well as CNC cutting for profiles for a variety of industries, including construction, warehousing, and other insulation.

Shape Moulded Products

Cumulus has a large number of moulded products servicing a variety of industries, including fishing boxes, packaging products, seed trays, cornices and general boxes and moulded products available for distribution from our Parow warehouse.

Cumulus also offers custom printing solutions for clients requiring branded packaging solutions.

Custom Moulding Solutions

Through our mould making partners, Cumulus can provide custom moulded products through the development of a custom mould to meet each client's specific requirements. Please reach out to a member of our team to find out more regarding pricing and production.

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