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Finding an apprentice electrician to add to your workforce is not so difficult but there are some key factors to be considered such as recruiting the right trainee for the job and knowing your responsibilities as an employer.

An apprentice or trainee electrician in  can be a real asset to any electrical business. In a small company an extra pair of hands is always useful and given the right training and guidance an apprentice can help to make your business more productive. Most electrical contractors who employ apprentices find that it is a good way to increase their workforce whilst keeping financial overheads low and statistics show that customers also tend to favor companies which use apprentices. For larger companies apprenticeship schemes are seen as an investment with lasting rewards. They are a cost effective way to train new staff and provide the skilled workers that they need for future developmen.

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An electrician refers to a person who specializes in equipment that are associated with electrical wirings of structures and buildings. An electrician is a tradesman, which means that he is a manual worker who happens to be skilled in a particular field of craft or trade. This also means that he is not considered a laborer. But then again, he is also not a professional. An electrician then is somewhere between a professional and a laborer.

An electrician is also responsible for setting up and fixing the electrical system in a particular building or structure. With this, he is considered a part of the construction industry. He is needed in construction sites, especially of businesses and establishments. He is part of the maintenance team of any structure or establishment that maintains normal electrical functions.

An electrician not only sets up, maintains and fixes electrical wiring conditions. He can also work for stage shows or for any type of performing arts that needs proper electrical functioning. In this case, he becomes a stage electrician.

In musical concerts or stage plays, for example, it is an electrician that is needed in setting up temporary lightings on the stage. An electrician then is also someone who is well-versed in stagecraft. On the stage, stage lighting is a skill that an electrician has. He is responsible for the art and choreography of lighting - when to light a dancer, when to focus a spotlight to an actress or when to turn a light on and off among many other stage lighting effects.

An electrician, be it a stage electrician, a master electrician or a journeyman electrician, goes through years of study about the art of electrical theories, electrical set ups, electrical connections and electrical building codes. He has to study every step in installing any type of electrical construction in a particular structure. There are different styles of installing electrical constructions in every different style of a building of a home. All these have to be learned by someone who is planning to be an electrician.

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